what to expect after reiki 2 attunement

Studying Reiki is uniquely different to training in the traditional sense of the word. Having said that there are some things which are written and analyzed, such things as the meanings of the symbols and the 12 hand positions, but at the end of the day Reiki is an intuitive form of healing. And therefore the actual book learning is is quite brief.

what to expect after reiki 2 attunement

In reading about this subject you will know something about the reiki attunements and you will have heard that it is these attunements which what to expect after reiki 2 attunement make reiki quite different from other kinds of training. The attunements which are spiritual exercises open you up or tune you in to Reiki.

It comes with an attunement for every level in addition to 3 levels of training. The most common reiki training is designed around some study, the attunement for that level and then practice.

After your attunement and as you practice Self Healing, providing Healing to others and meditating after Reiki you will come to understand Reiki much better. Reiki is a very intuitive thing and as you continue with your attunements and continue to practice and perform self healing you will see your capacity to put it to use intuitively increase.

But this can not get included in any training course or written materials. It is intuition and it is therefore a very personal thing. Of which is one of the reasons why I say that the training is unique to most other kinds of training.

Because this is a spiritual practice it is best learned by using an intuitive basis. The actual study is the minor part. You will learn much more about reiki as you look in the direction you are pointed by the training.

Formal Training.

Out of all the people who have written about reiki, Dr. Usui probably wrote the least and in my view the best. Yet it is always smart to gather as much information as you can and then find out what that information actually means to you. The small amount of actual written study material in the courses offers the student the chance to look deeply for on their own.

As I say, many experts and practitioners over time have wished to write more materials themselves, but I think this can actually muddy the waters. New branches of reiki have been created by some masters.

Some have changed the training schedule and added more levels. So we can see that it is simple to go off the songs. We can look and see where they all stem from which place is Dr. Usui.

My point is that if you are going to take reiki training it’s get the absolute essentials down cold first and then allow that to resonate with you and through you until you come to understand the subject from an intuitive viewpoint. Then if you feel the need to part out further I’m positive that you will find many avenues to explore.

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